How do you charge for Elevate services?

Upon scheduling, we will collect credit card information in our secure system as a deposit for your appointment .  The remainder will be collected at the time of service. Please see our cancellation/no show policy below. 

I have insurance; will you file with my insurance?

Although the physical therapy services at Elevate are not insurance-based, we can provide you with information for submission to your insurance company.  

Why would I pay out-of-pocket for services that are covered by my insurance?

There are several reasons that clients chose to pay out-of –pocket for services.  Limitations in insurance, convenience of scheduling, and investment in personal health are just a few. 

I have Medicare, will they allow me to file on my own?

Medicare does not allow individuals to file on their own.  In fact, at this time, Medicare does not allow providers to be “out of network”  and accept cash payment for services.  But, as a Medicare beneficiary, you do have the right to refuse submission of a bill to Medicare, and the law states that the beneficiary “refuses, of his/her own free will, to authorize the submission of a bill to Medicare.”  In such cases, a Medicare provider is not required to submit a claim to Medicare for the covered service and may accept an out of pocket payment for the service from the beneficiary.  In this case, you are specifically restricting us from billing for this service and can therefore receive the service.  There is no expectation of reimbursement to any party. 

Do I have to disclose any insurance information?

No, we will not collect any insurance information from you, and have a non-disclosure policy for insurance, asking that you do not disclose any insurance information to us.  

Are records of my treatments kept?

Treatment provided by Physical Therapists will include documentation to the level required by their state practice act.  This information is kept safe,  private and is accessible to you. 

Cancellation/No Show Policy for Therapy Appointments:

When you schedule your appointment, a portion of the charge for services will be collected, and the final balance is collected on the day of service.  The portion collected prior to your appointment is non-refundable, unless the appointment is cancelled with greater than 24 hour notice.  For example, if your scheduled appointment time is Wednesday at 2:00, you must call us before Tuesday at 2:00 in order to be refunded the portion of payment that was collected.

Scheduled Appointments:

We understand that delays can happen when coming to Elevate, however, we always try to keep the other clients and therapists on a timely schedule.  If you are late to an appointment, the time with your therapist will be shortened to accommodate the next scheduled client.  Fee schedules will not be altered for late appointments. 

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