I have had back and neck issues for many years due to bad discs and scoliosis. I’ve always known there isn’t a “cure” for these problems and they would get worse with age. Surgery isn’t something I would choose personally since there is no guarantee that the surgery would help in my case, only that it could possibly make things better for a while. With surgery, there are so many possibilities of side effects, such as, paralysis, lifetime numbness, etc. the list is too scary to even consider. Which brings me to my reasons that I LOVE what Elevate has to offer! I think of Elevate as my personal “Spa Day”.

The best way I can describe my sessions is that there is such a calm and relaxing feel to the whole environment. It’s like a Spa to fix pain. I am always confident that when I go there, regardless of what level of pain I am in, I will leave feeling so much better, relaxed and pain free. While regular physical therapy (using insurance) has always helped me in the past for a short time, I am able to use my sessions with Elevate, not only as an immediate pain relief fix, but as a preventative as well. I find that the preventative measures have helped me more than anything I have ever done in the past. This is not something my insurance was willing to pay for. Because of these sessions,  I am able to do things I couldn’t do previously, like walk long distances, ride a bike, etc.  I have learned that if I go regularly, I can completely eliminate the pain that previously caused me to be in a doctor’s office every few months for years. The one on one sessions are great in that your therapist gets to know you and the causes of your problems. Even better is that you get comfortable with your Therapist because of the one on one sessions. This makes it so much easier to talk about the little aches and pains that you may have thought were too insignificant to mention before, but can really be the root of a problem. Since being a regular at Elevate, I have not once, experienced the level of pain that was a constant part of my life several years ago. In my case, Claire’s knowledge of her job and her commitment to me as a patient, has literally, changed my quality of life!


     Kelly Gill     

     First of all, let me say that Claire is a Miracle Worker!! A few months ago I experienced sudden and severe back pain. I could barely walk, sit or stand. Fortunately, I was able to get an appointment with Claire at Elevate. After a one hour private session in a calming atmosphere I felt so much better. Claire assessed what was going on with my back, explained things to me in a way that made total sense, and worked her magic. She then gave me some at home stretches and exercises to do, called to check on me several times, saw me again a week later, and now I’m 100% back to normal. Needless to say, I highly recommend Claire for any physical therapy needs. She is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, patient, kind, sincere, and physically strong. I plan to stay on a maintenance/wellness plan with Claire to keep my body in check and insure I never experience horrific back pain again.

     Miriam del Rio 

     I have been to Elke Harrison for massage therapy.  In particular myofascial-release.  I am so grateful for the amazing relief I have gotten each time!






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